Senior Portraits: $150

What does the session fee cover?

   •Pre-session consultation.
   •Approximately 2 hours.
   •2 to 3 outfit changes (as time permits).
   •Multiple locations (as time permits).
   •Unlimited poses.
   •Digital copy for Facebook (2 images).
   •Yearbook photo.

*All editing work done after the session and hosting of your proofs on this website in a personal gallery.

*Please note: prices are subject to change at any time; however, your prices are locked upon confirmation of booking.

Where should we go to take the photos?

•I shoot “on-location.” I don't have a formal studio so I come to you. Locations can be at your home, your yard, a local park, the beach or that "great location" down the street. The options of where we can go are endless!

•I prefer natural light (whether that's outdoors or indoors near a window).

How long does a session last?

•The portrait session will last up to 2 hours with breaks for feeding, diaper changes/bathroom breaks (especially with young children).

•To ensure the best results, be sure that everyone is rested and fed. If possible, limit children's sugar intake on the day of the session.

What should we wear?

•Clothing is up to you!

•Suggestions: Jeans or Khakis work well. Try your best to avoid clothing with bright/busy patterns, visible designer logos or writing on it. In general, solid colors are best.

•Simplicity is important for your clothing and accessories. Darker clothing minimizes, while lighter clothing slightly emphasizes body size.

•There's no need for everyone in the family to match each other, but you should consider colors that compliment each other. Varying shades of the same color and earth tones work well.

•Try to avoid wearing white, off white, cream, or very pale pink for outdoor shoots as the sun tends to wash out the color.

•And don't forget your shoes! Shoes are just as important as your clothes because they show in photos. Most often, dark-toned shoes work best. Bare feet can be fun as well where appropriate.

What happens after the session?

•After the editing process all “proofs” will be placed in a gallery on this website (approximately) 2-4 weeks after the session/event and will be available for viewing and purchase. I personally review each and every digital proof from your session. As I review each photo I do custom enhancements where I feel it will look best. This personal attention to detail takes extra time but is worth the wait!

•A DVD of all full resolution proofs can be purchased for $150.00.

Contacting Jamie:

•Initial contact via e-mail works best for me but we can certainly discuss your session over the phone in more detail. F/Stopmedia Photography via e-mail:

Print Package Prices

Senior 1 Senior 2 Senior 3 Separate Pricing
$150 $200 $350 -
Essentials Popular Premier -
6 - 4x6 8 - 4x6 12 - 4x6 4x6 - $4.95
4 - 5x7 6 - 5x7 8 - 5x7 5x7 - $7.95
2 - 8x10 4 - 8x10 6 - 8x10 8x10 - $11.95
24 Wallets 1 - 11x14 2 - 11x14 11x14 - $16.95
Digital Copies for Facebook 40 Wallets 1 - 16x20 16x20 - $29.95
On-line viewing gallery Digital Copies for Facebook 80 Wallets 8 Wallets - $12.95
Choose your own prints On-line viewing gallery Digital Copies for Facebook Canvas prints available
- Choose your own prints On-line viewing gallery Metal prints available
- - Choose your own prints -

You want your photos to reflect who you are right now. What you love… what you care about… photos of the real you… 

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